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Dr Dure-Samin Akram

Dr Dure-Samin Akram is a paediatrician with a Masters degree in Public Health (Epidemiology of Infectious diseases) form Yale University. 

In the Past Dr Akram held several positions in the Pakistani Government.

She is currently the Chair of Health Education Literacy Program and Nutrition Resource Center, which is  a non-profit organization office in Karachi, Pakistan, and Chaired the Department of Pediatrics in the Dow University of Health Sciences, in Karachi.
She remains Professor and HOD Paediatrics at a leading Medical University in Pakistan.

Dr Akram is a member of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) from 2016  and has been appointed Vice – Chair of the Committee from December 2020.

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Eve Dubé

Eve Dubé is a medical anthropologist. 

Since 2008, she has been a member of the Scientific Group on Immunization at Québec National Institute of Public Health. She is also a researcher at the Research Center of the CHU de Québec-Université Laval. She is an Invited Professor in the department of Anthropology and an Adjunct Professor in Social and Preventive Medicine at Université Laval in Quebec City. 

Most of her research focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of vaccination. She is also interested in vaccine hesitancy and doing various projects in that field. She was a member of Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS) from December 2019.

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Pr Saad B. Omer

Pr Saad B. Omer is vaccinologist and infectious disease epidemiologist. He is the inaugural Director of the Yale Institute for Global Health. He is also a Professor of Medicine Infectious Diseases at Yale School of Medicine and the Susan Dwight Bliss Professor of Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases at Yale School of Public Health. In 2009, he received the Maurice R. Hilleman Early-Stage Career Investigator Award from the National Foundation for Infectious Diseases. From June 2019 he is a member of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety (GACVS).

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Dr Shanthi Pal

Dr Shanthi Pal is currently the team Lead (a.i), Pharmacovigilance, Regulation and Safety, WHO, Geneva. Shanthi is a pharmacist with a PhD in Pharmacology and is working in WHO since 2001. Key achievements include developing a risk-based ‘Smart’ strategy for advancing Pharmacovigilance in resource limited settings together with the relevant guidelines and activities. Represents WHO in many international forums such as the Council of International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS), International Council for Harmonization (ICH) of pharmaceutical standards, and on the Governing Board of the Uppsala Monitoring Centre.